Pregnant women are the most beautiful, it’s a fact! We have to always tell them how gorgeous they are because, they trully are and they should know it. Pregnancy is the biggest blessing that can occur in the life of any woman. If you think about it, it’s incredible how a woman’s body can endure such transformations and remain at the same time one of the most beautiful creations. I love maternity sessions and this time I had the chance to work with the lucky Alina, a great woman, full of life. Even if she’s about to become a mother for the second time, Alina is as proud as the first time. She learned how to love those 9 months of pregnancy even more than before. As her belly grew bigger, her pride did too. Except the days where she feels the specific moods of pregnancy, Alina takes advantage of each day, while waiting for her treasure’s birth.

During the session, I loved her energy and the way she has disengaged from all the surroundings in order to be herself. As a decor, we chose the intimacy of my studio, so she could feel comfortable and free. Besides, she was filling all the space simply with her presence; we didn’t need any accessories. As a woman full of courage, she wanted the majority of the photos to be nudes or semi-nudes. By posing comfortably, without any anxiety, she let me capture in my photos her perfectly round belly, her beautiful body, enveloped in the characteristic glow of pregnancy while her luminous face revealed all her emotions. She was feeling so good that her happiness made me enjoy this session even more! I love confident women, that’s why working with Alina was a true pleasure.

She chose all the positions; I offered her full freedom so the photos were as great as possible. She was the star and she knew it perfectly. This mother is a strong woman and I’m sure that her child will be very proud when he will see these photos, years later. We need more women like Alina; nowadays, people don’t know their worth anymore, especially pregnant women. Some of them think they are not beautiful anymore, forgetting that maternity offers them an incontestable and incomparable beauty. But Alina is different: she’s aware of her natural charm and she has decided to show it fully in each photo taken. She took advantage of this session in order to show her quality as a model for a day. I love all the photos, but my favourite is the one where the mother wears a violet dress, a very soft and transparent one, which highlights her sensuality and her confidence through her simple and natural position that she chose. This session was a gift for herself. A present that will always remind her of the most beautiful period of her life. I think I needed this session too to realise one more time that beauty is in everything and everywhere. Especially in women, the strong and beautiful gender.

Well, my darlings, watch Alina in all her beauty, the most confident woman I’ve met: