This week I have been busy. I had an important meeting with Ana, to a newborn photoshoot!

Let me tell you a few words about my star, Ana. She is beautiful like an angel and she smells heavenly! She is small and perfect and I already can tell that she will have her mother’s looks.

Ana seance nouveau-né


The studio was all set up for their arrival. Before the newborn photoshoots, I like to prepare everything in the studio, so that the space to be well aired but cozy, for the baby to feel safe and comfortable. The colours in the studio are also nice to look at. Nothing to intense or to colorful, to give the sensation of crowded or to make you feel tired. I like things to be cozy and I prefer the natural elements.

Little Miss Ana was 6 days old when we had the shoot. She loved being cuddled at all the times. Actually she made these little adorable noises every time I took my hands of her. I know it was her way of complaining, but she was so funny and sweet!

Ana seance nouveau-né

She slept peacefully wrapped in the soft fabric and it was very easy to work with. Of course, we had a few breaks for „snacks” because Ana although small, had a big appetite!

Her mother and father looked at her with devotion and adoration and I think I captured the definition of their love, shining in their eyes.

Ana was also very shy, she did not like to stay without a wrap around her, but this was not a problem for her parents or me. She changed several outfits as the set-ups where also changing periodically.

The pleasure of this session followed even after the photoshoot was over. Her skin was so perfect that it made my editing such a pleasure.

Without further ado, please join me in watching this beautiful little baby’s gallery.


Ana seance nouveau-né

Ana's Newborn photo session