The photoshoots with children can be very exciting! It is very different how you handle a baby then photographing a newborn. A giggling, bright-eyed actual little person brings fun and unexpected situations during the photo session. She/he is the coordinator and also the star!

After six months of age, their little personality is coming through and is a good thing that is captured in the photography. It will be a pleasant memory for later. Or a funny one 😉

Annelis is a wonder kid! She was fun to work with, always smiling and giggling. She handled the photo session like a real star and that was not an easy job because she had a quite complex photoshoot, both indoor and outdoor, with several outfits.

For the baby to be „up for the job” I always talk to the parents before, to schedule a time when baby is rested and well fed. It is important for the little one to feel relaxed and to see the photography session as part of a game.

As any child, Annelis lost her patience at the end of the shoot. This was perfectly reasonable, she wanted to explore the studio and I managed to capture her beautiful smile while she was in „ the big adventure”.

When the baby focuses on something, it is easy to snap some shoots. The attention is captured by the toy or by the silly noises that can be heard in the studio. This is the moment when the wonder and joy can be read on their tiny little face. I like to surprise my little clients with a lot of accessories and toys during the photography sessions. I also provide a variety of outfits, for the parents to choose according to their taste.

It is important to set all the steps before, with the parents.

What is the first outfit, where we shoot first, if the parents want to participate or not in the photo session. We try to stick to the plan mostly. However, during the shoot, unexpected things can happen. The baby can turn so fast from giggling to cranky and we need mommy or daddy to step in. Cradling the baby and caress him or her, usually works but sometimes bringing the baby’s sleep toy or the favorite blanket, saves the day!

It was not the case with Annelis, she was such a joy to work with!