Turning one year old is a very big deal in a child’s life. Andrada and her husband took advantage of the first anniversary of their daughter to capture another important moment from the beginning of her life. This session may have been the most joyful session lately. The reunion with my little friend, Annelis, was a true pleasure, because I could see how much she grew in the couple of months that have passed since our last meeting. The enthusiastic request from the parents and Annelis’ visit created the perfect moment for me to take even more beautiful pictures of her. For the return of this very cute girl, I prepared a decor full of life, in some very nice colours. It was a celebration, so i needed the appropriate decor. I put a cake in the middle of the frame, surrounded by white and pink balloons, colours which highlight de childish innocence of this little princess. The atmosphere was full of joy: Annelis adored the ballons, I saw it in her sweet gaze. The big surprise came at the bath. She took full advantage of this bath, she didn’t want to get out the water at all and I took advantage of this moment to take some photos of her in which we could obviously see the happiness that she felt during the time she played in the water. I really love baby photo shootings because I always see the joy of living in its truest form. They are so excited about everything! I always feel that this job is like a neverending holiday, because I get to do what I love the most in the company of the most beautiful kids! They really have the power to make anyone happy, especially their parents! We saw it clearly in the family photos, where Andrada and her husband chose to show the connection with their daughter also through their clothes. They wore the same grey colour and they looked like some true models. Those photos are worthy of a magazine’s cover! While I was taking those shots, I also noticed where the little fairy inherited her beauty and her sweet smile from, which she showed while her father was holding her in his arms, like a very rare diamond. And, between you and me, she really is. Andrada went back to being a kid for some moments and she posed naturally and happily with her little princess, who will become her best friend in the future, if we take into account their special relationship.


This session has absolutely made my day! I felt so good in the company of this happy and full of life family! Even if my last reunion with Annelis was months ago, she kept her contagious energy which made me smile from the first photo session I had with her. I await impatiently to see her grow and make everyone around her happy. I met a lot of kids through my career, but Annelis will remain forever in my memory as the smileyest baby. I give you some photos of this session to make your day better: