CHRISTMAS 2021! – Preparation guide

CHRISTMAS 2021! – Preparation guide

Hi guys, thank you so much for booking your Christmas Session with me. 


General mini prep

Sessions are 30 or 45 minutes long depending on the package acquired. And yes, you may change the package at the session or acquire extra photos afterwards. 

The length of the session is calculated to keep the interest of the babies alive, and to feel like you are in a hurry. 

Mini sessions are time sensitive since we book them back to back with other clients. So please do not be late, a 15 minutes buffer is taking into account, but we better use this for emergencies. 

Studio sessions 

This year we have 2 set ups! Clients are welcome to use all scenes or just one.


Parents please come dressed and with clean shoes packed. Shoes used outside before the session will not be allowed in the setups to preserve the hygiene of the studio.

 I recommend the following colours for your outfits: white, red, dark green , black, brown. 

Also in the studio you will find simple shoes with sizes between 20 and 30. If your baby has a bigger shoe size, please bring packed shoes for him too. Better results are obtained 

with simple shoes, in a neutral colour if possible. 

For girls I also offer bloomers, so no need to worry for how you baby will stay, nothing will be exposed.  

After our session  

I will send the photos in an online gallery the same day or the latest the day after. The gallery offer you the possibility to select the photos you want to be edited. 

If you need help to use the online gallery please let me know and I will provide a small guide for the process. 

If you want to pay the exact amount of the package you must select exactly 5 or 10 photos. Additional photos may be acquired though. 

An invoice will be send via mail. If you want your photos as soon as possible, please treat the invoice the same way. 


Once the final selection was share with me, it cannot be changed anymore. 

Studio Address : 

Schoolstraat 27B, Sint-Genesius-Rode 1640

Ana Ionita