Did I ever mention how much I love newborns? They make me love my job even more because I have the chance to meet the most beautiful babies. Their birth is like a ray of sunshine in their parents’ lives. Those little and adorable creatures make us happy only by their presence and each baby confirms this.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Deborah, my new friend, a very good and very  cute little girl, who won me from the first moments with her big blue eyes and her sweet smile. Her parents reached me out for a photo session of their little fairy and I was really excited because they decided to share with me the big importance of this event. As soon as I saw Deborah, I was impressed by her sweet and curious look. She looked at me for a couple of seconds and then she offered me the most natural smile. I couldn’t wait to start the photo session. As soon as the decor was ready, I started to take the photos. For Deborah, I chose white wraps, the color of purity and innocence, two traits that fit her. During the session, she showed me her cutest smile, but I also took some pictures where I captured a small and very serious face. She showed me everything she felt.  I loved a lot her expressions naturalness’. She fully enjoyed her little basket that I covered with a fluffy blanket to make it comfortable.

During the first part of the session, she was very active and playful, sending us her joy. But, regarding the second part, she chose to take a nap in the little bed that I prepared for her, still allowing us to admire her beauty and her little pink dress. She was a true princess! The pictures with her parents were really good because they form a very beautiful family. She kept sleeping in the most confortable place: her dad’s arms. The parents were very relaxed and they posed proudly with their little treasure. Just by watching them, we can see where did Deborah get her ease and her incredible beauty. At the end, before taking the last photos, I offered Deborah one last photo „partner”, a small stuffed rabbit and I put a branch of cherry blossoms in order to create a decoration specific to the spring , the season of joy and revival. This last decor was my favourite because it looked like it came out of a story (we already had the most beautiful fairy in front of us).

Through this decor, I wanted to spread  the same feeling that Deborah’s birth has brought in her parents’ lives: an immense joy, accompanied by an eternal gratitude for this wonderful gift of life. This photo session showed me, one more time, that all the babies have something special and that they really have the power to improve a day. They are the most desired gift, a true miracle. Now, I let you throw an eye on the story of this family, whose protagonist is the cutest fairy that I’ve ever met: