One more photo session – one more reason to be proud for turning my greatest/biggest passion into a job! Especially when it comes to a newborn photoshoot mixed with a family photoshoot.

Today’s princess name is Deborah. The Hebrew origin of her name gives away some of the qualities that I noticed during this photo session: purity and disengagement. Even if the small Deborah has arrived a bit later than usual, at 21 days, for her pictures to be taken, it was worth the wait: i worked with a true professional. She was sleeping almost during the entire session and she was unconsciously giving me a little smile every once in a while, the most natural facial expression of a newborn.
While she was sleeping, i captured in my photos the beauty of her innocence. Deborah really liked being cuddled up in her yellow wrap, which emphasised the glow that showed in each shot.
For the first part of our shooting, i chose to create a decor to illustrate as good as possible my favorite season: the autumn. I placed the little human doll in a bassinet where i put some dry leaves which went very good good with Deborah’s yellow outfit. As if the simple presence of that little fairy wasn’t enough, I included a stuffed toy, so Deborah will always remember her first toy, who became, for some moments, her partner of photos. She was so cute, so fragile! She’s so small and this world is so big! But she will conquer it, I can bet!

My favorite part of this session was for sure the making of the photos of Deborah and her parents. The sweet couple chose casuals outfits which showed their natural behaviour.
The photos of the fresh mother and her little treasure took my breath away! Their strong connection and the love that the mother sent to her daughter through her look full of affection, those are the main reasons for which I was fully enjoying this session.
But, even if the young girl will surely find a best friend in her mother, we can already say that she will always be daddy’s girl. The way her father looked at her and held her was full of promises: i will always care for you! He expressed through his gestures the long waiting that he endured until the day that her daughter was finally born, bringing him the best gift of his life.

I loved the chemistry between the two parents: they kept a strong visual contact while holding their beloved baby in their arms. They protected the small Deborah, who was facing her mother’s warm chest. This is what I love seeing when I take photos: I want to capture the love between the parents, the emotions of finally meeting their child, the joy of living, the greatest gift of life.

And this is what this small family offered me. This is why I leave small pieces of my own soul when I take pictures of newborns or families: I want to give them a memory almost as beautiful as the one that each photo session gave me.
Here, I leave you some photos of this session, to share with you the happiness that I felt in those moments.