Elizabeth and Christophe are two happy future parents who treasure every moment spent together but they are also looking forward to meet their new family member, their beloved baby, the miracle of their love.

Elizabeth's outdoor maternity session

Elizabeth's outdoor maternity session

They wanted to do this photo session outdoors, for a long time, but we had to postpone it because the weather was so moody lately. Finally, we found a sunny and warm afternoon, and it was perfect for us to shoot some amazing pictures in natural day- light!

The set was a romantic one. With a lot of green, near a pond, where there were trees, ducks and wild flowers. Just perfect for some precious memories and good photography!

The couple acted naturally and I think I captured every smile and every look, so you can see for yourself how lovely they are together.

They wore matching outfits and they fit perfectly in the natural decor. What draws my attention every time I shoot a maternity sessions, is the mother. I think the mothers are amazing. They shine so bright and you can see so much strength in their eyes. Even though they look so fragile from the outside.

Maybe is the baby that gives them strength, maybe is the love that fuels them or maybe is the joy of becoming a mother. I do not really know what it is but I know that Elizabeth looked like a goddess!

The pregnancy is a unique period in the life of the woman. She feels every beat of the child’s heart as well as her own. Moreover, the feeling is amazing. So, why not celebrate this unique and short time, by shooting some extraordinary photos that will last forever?

Elizabeth's outdoor maternity session Elizabeth's outdoor maternity session