Each person I work with wins a part of my heart. Each mother impresses me and each baby gains me inevitably. The biggest joy is when I see I have the same effect on my clients. I may say this is the best part of my job. Elizabeth and Christoph are one of the couples that entrusted me with the preservation  of an important part of their life, by allowing me to enter their intimacy  and to capture some moments from Elizabeth’s pregnancy. Shortly after our meeting, I had the chance to see them again, but this time in full strength. The little baby that Elizabeth has kept in her belly for nine months became a little bundle in her arms. Eager to add one more unforgettable moment in their life’s album, they reached me for a newborn photo session. Said and done: we fixed the details and we waited impatiently for the big day.

Meeting Esmee was a real pleasure. She had big black eyes which looked around with curiosity. This little girl is a different baby. She loved the noise, which gave her a state of relaxation; so, the photo session was a little bit different. The parents presented themselves  just like I remembered them: natural and full of joy. For this session, I chosed the classic decor, but the colors were special. I chosed a pale pink wrap which accentuated her black eyes and hair. To emphasise Esmee’s white skin, I used a dark gray blanket which created an interesting contrast between the colors. I added, of course, my favorite ‘tool’: the little basket, loved by all the babies. The princess loved it too, because she was feeling very comfortable. I saw it in her little happy figure. Elizabeth and Christoph  watched their little daughter while I was taking some photos of her  in all her gorgeousness. The parents were impatient to hold  this cute girl in their arms and I really wanted to see the whole family together, so we started taking the family photos.  I really missed Elizabeth’s warmth and sweet figure. She carefully touched the little baby for whom she waited impatiently. Her ease made her even more beautiful than she already was.  Christoph completed her perfectly, a tall and smiling man, protecting his two beauties. In his photos with Esmee, I saw the picture of a very proud and happy father.

The session was unusual, special, magical, all thanks to Esmee. She really enjoyed the attention we gave her. She was our little star, so she fully deserved it. The meeting with Elizabeth and Christoph showed me the big transformation that a baby brings in its parents’ life. During the maternity photo session, they were nervous, but this time I saw in their faces only an immesurable joy. I want to thank them for showing me, one more time, the image of an happy and fulfilled family. With such clients, all the days are sunny, regardless of the weather. Here is the result of our second meeting: