The newborn are absolutely adorable!

Chubby little faces, angel smiles and all the cuteness in the world. That is why the parents are so eager to have the image of their baby captured in artistic photoshoots.

In their first weeks, the babies are the most compliant. They are sleeping or eating, occasionally offering a million dollars smile that truly melt hearts. They are small, fragile, and beautiful!

Eva was a little older than a week when she had her photography session.

During the shoot, she was a sleepy bundle of joy, cuddling with her mother or resting peacefully in a basket. She looked perfect in every photo!

For the newborn sessions, I have a lot of ergonomic accessories. The textiles are also made from natural materials such as: cotton, flax or wool. Even the baby baskets are painted with organic paint (water based), so nothing can harm the baby’s soft skin.

For Eva’s photoshoot, I used soft and cozy accessories: blankets, wraps and a cashmere body, in warm colors. Everything was in pastel colors, to highlight the natural and perfect beauty of the baby.

A newborn session is usually programmed with one or two months before the baby is born. The studio must be sparkling and well aired, when the baby comes for his/her first artistic photography sessions.

The session lasts from three to four hours. Why? Because we have many breaks. For changing, for nursing, for changing (if it is necessary). So, if you want to have a newborn baby photoshoot, be aware of this aspect.

During the newborn photoshoot, the parents are asked to participate. My favorite part is to capture the looks between the three of them. Is amazing to see how much love could be in one photography!

When is the first child’s photoshoot, the parents are new to the job. They are not used to having a baby in the house and they are in a total bliss, always wondering and gazing at the baby. It is nice to capture these moment, for them to have later.