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Hello! I’m Ana Ionita, an award-winning photographer, specialized in maternity, newborn, and family photography from Brussels, Belgium. I am creating beautiful, emotive photos inspired by your amazing journey of pregnancy and motherhood, from the love you have for your family and the joy of your children. My goal is to offer you dear memories that you will cherish forever, artistic portraits that will be loved for generations to come, and meaningful photos of frozen moments in time. The kicks in the belly from when you were pregnant, the cute smile and tiny newborn fingers, the awe of having your newborn in your arms, the giggles and laughter of an one year old, they are all magical things for me to capture with my camera, either indoor or outdoor. After working as a Network Engineer for many years, I’ve realized that this work didn’t fulfill me anymore so I was searching for something that will suit me for who I am, giving me the freedom to create and live life on my own terms. That’s when I found photography and I fell in love with this work. I know how important it is to have memories from your childhood because I’m taking mine with me everywhere I go, especially now that my mother isn’t here anymore. You deserve to mark all the special moments from your life with a creative photo shoot that will remain forever in your heart because you can feel those emotions, that connection, and the magic of those moments even years after. I am super passionate about photography so I will make you feel like a queen during the maternity session because I want you to feel beautiful, blessed for what you have, and happy for what’s to come. I am creating beautiful poses for you to feel confident, strong, and independent, but most importantly, to feel loved. I have trained with one of the best in my industry for maternity and also for newborn photography and I am very happy to say that your baby will be safe with me (and probably will sleep most of the time😅). Capture these fleeting moments of welcoming a new baby into the world and seeing him/her grow with grace. It’s truly magical and we need to preserve these memories forever.

My style I create timeless portraits in a simple and intimate style. The maternity photography is mostly done in the studio, but we can also schedule an outdoor session to capture the pure nature and bold colors that will put you in a great scenery. I offer a curated selection of maternity gowns and silk fabrics that will highlight the curves of pregnancy and create the perfect shape for your beautiful belly. As a passionate newborn photographer, I am creating a peaceful vibe in the studio with white noise and I have a great selection of knits and natural blankets that will make your baby look so natural and amazing in different cute poses. I truly put my heart and soul into each session and editing process, so let’s chat on booking the best photo session for your family. The best memories are yet to come.🤗

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