The first baby is the first miracle, the first bundle of joy, the first and the greatest love. It is the first baby who awakes the strong feeling of undivided love and attention, in the parents’ hearts.

The first baby changes the loving couple into parents.

While pregnant, the mother is part of a miracle. In her body, she holds two beating hearts. There is no greater feeling than this one, or more intense.

The love for the unborn baby shines in her eyes; it brightens her skin and her smile is amazing! She just… glows!

In my opinion, is the most beautiful period in a woman’s life. A lot of women regret not having maternity photos done. There are many reasons why pregnancy photography should be cherished and kept in the family photo album. They can be later shown to the children, for them to see how loved they were, from the very beginning. It can also be a precious memory, to be shown to family or friends.

The happy couple wanted a maternity photoshoot, in a sunny day of summer.

They were excited and the care for each other could be seen in how they talked and interact. The baby seemed a happy fellow too. He was very active in his mother’s belly ☺


The photoshoot took place both indoors and outdoors.

Georgiana tried more outfits, during the shooting, ea. She was the goddess of fertility on a field with flowers, the strong woman soon to be the fierce mother and the delicate fairy in a pink gown. A skilled photographer can alleviate a pregnant woman concerns about the gaining weight problem, by producing photos that show only how beautiful and amazing the maternity really is!

The session had many breaks, for the mommy to rest and to discuss with them about the next steps of the shooting. The pregnancy was quite advanced, Georgiana was in her third trimester and I think the baby made himself visible in a photo or two.

I always discuss with my clients about the shooting, even during the photo session. I want them to have the best memories and their opinion is important to me, so If they want something different I’m not against the idea.

We talked about the different lighting styles I use during the pregnancy photoshoot, the more dramatic one, focusing on the face and belly or the softer one, „the fairies” favorite, as I say.

Like most of the women, Georgiana was a bit nervous in the beginning of the maternity photoshoot, but open discussion and a calm environment allowed her to relax and to enjoy the experience. Once relaxed Georgiana was a natural. She was open to my suggestions and her eyes were bright with joy. The daddy was a little bit nervous, but he also relaxed by the end of the photo session.

I wish them all the best, a strong and healthy baby and a fast recovery for the mommy!