Jenna contacted us at the very last minute to see if we had any availability for a studio maternity photo session. She had come across my work on Instagram and knew immediately that I was what she had been looking for. So many of our clients come to us through Instagram – It is such a visual platform and so easy to use.

We scheduled a maternity session for Jenna, and she came to the studio with her partner to try on pieces and to make lifetime memories. Jenna already had one specific dress in mind that she knew she wanted to try, but was open to everything. The minute she tried on the pink princess dress, her smile said it all. We both knew without having to ask that she will wear during the session. I suggested also a short blouse with underwear as she has such a beautiful body and bum.  Do not worry if you do not want to show your belly in your maternity photos – it is completely client preference. By this time, we were already decided on 3 setups so we started the photo shoot.

We started the photoshoot with the yellow dress that she knew she wanted even before arriving in the studio. The color of the dress was working great with her beautiful blond hair and skin tone. She was shining like a star. No accessories need it.

Next, we moved to my favorite part of the session. The one with the belly out. I love undressing mothers to be, if they are ok with it. They skin is so beautiful and the focus goes entirely on their belly and that amazing maternity glow. I know is a bit hard to adapt to this part so I always speak a lot with my beautiful models, make jokes. I try to encourage them as much as possible and to show them how beautiful they are. Many times, I show them pictures directly from my camera, so that they see how amazing the session is going and how good they look.

By the time Jenna tried the pink dress, she was completely relaxed and ready for business. I did not have to say a word, she posed like a model and I just enjoyed this part so much. I felt like I did a great job relaxing her and making her feel understood and respected and now she was feeling totally in her element.

During the maternity sessions, I do not ask too much from my expecting mama as moving around might be tiring for her. Partners are the ones usually jumping in and out of the photos.

Jenna had a different view, she wanted the photos of her with her partner to be in casual clothing that they brought. She wanted to accentuate their style and their connection, which I cannot say how much I loved. I love having mother with strong ideas and who know what they want. They keep me on my toes and push my creativity boundaries.

As I do not like to extend for very long the maternity sessions respecting the boundaries of a pregnant woman, we finished the session in 40 minutes and I think that both Jenna and her partner are very happy with the results.

Enjoy a few of my favorites from Jenna’s maternity session!