The newborn session with baby Lea and her family was … something else! Why? Because I saw how early can start a bond between sisters!


Let me tell you something about this photoshoot first. It was a mixture of family and newborn photoshoot, but with a lot of fun. It was so amazing for me to see so much kissing and giggling between the two sweethearts!

It really swept me off my feet to see them!

Little Lea was a cute bundle of joy who slept for almost the whole photoshoot, wrapped in soft blankets and wraps. She was like a forest fairy, so small but with that mane of blond hair!

Laura, on the other hand, was like a fairytale princess, with blonde hair and angelic smile! When she was looking at you, you were melting! She always wanted to hold her sister’s hand, to kiss her on the cheek or only to be close to her. I took some pictures of them together, where Laura is actually cuddling with Lea and I tell you, these girls will turn out to be best friends for life!

The photography session was hold in my studio and we used decors and outfits in neutral colours, soft green, beige and ivory. The parents wore casual outfits in the family pictures but the mother requested some pictures with Lea, where they wore matched outfits in beige colour. The mother looked lovely in a romantic dress while the baby slept peacefully in her arms, covered with a… wrap.

It was a long session but the children handled it well, Lea slept deep, as only a newborn knows how and Laura was curios and excited as all three years old children are. The parents were so patient and caring with their girls, talking to Lea softly and answering the questions that Laura asked. They looked amazing together, a perfect family!

Here are some of their photos. See for yourself this amazing family!

Newborn family photo session