If someone would ask me what this whole pandemic stole from us, i would say that besides the times, it stole some importants parts of our lives. This social unfavourable context made us postpone a lot of activities, either that was an anniversary, a long-awaited journey or a new life’s celebration. It was also the case of Guljennet, who has do replace a newborn family photo session with a family one, because of the restriction imposed by the pandemic. Time passes by and the memories of our loved ones will become the most precious things. That’s why Guljennet couldn’t miss the opportunity to celebrate the birth of her baby, so we found together the best solution. She reached me and I prepared the details of a session that will exceed her expectations. Guljennet was a really impressive presence. While watching her, I thought I have in front of me the princess Mulan, confident and smiley. Her little baby inherited her beautiful traits, especially the big black eyes which were immediately noticed.

What I loved the most during this photo session was this beautiful family’s harmony. All their outfits were matching, everything showed a symmetry of thoughts and choices, visible for both of the parents. Guljennet chose white and black for the outfits and both of those colours were perfect. They explored various stylistic choices and they showed me different images of their family. Guljennet’s long black dress and her husband’s matching suit created a picture with a royal air, which inspired a lot of elegance. Each other took individual photos with their little child, by caressing and hugging him with a lot of love. Guljennet appeared to be a wonderful princess next to her two knights who will always protect her from now on. The second outfit chosen by the parents was simple, yet perfect for them. The choice of having similar outfits was a clear gesture of their relationship’s unity and I loved to watch them during the session. Their beauty was the same, no matter what outfits they wore and the only thing that increased their charm was the joy I could clearly see in their eyes. Their little baby was a exact copy of his parents by harmoniously combining their characteristic features. The long white dress was my favourite accessory, because it showed  me another side of Guljennet: she was a goddess, a pure human being, but very mysterious, a living angel holding in her arms the fruit of a true and strong love. Watching this photo, I see more clearly the grace that surrounds a new mother and the magic she spreads.

If you don’t believe me, I invite you to see some photos of the happiest family I met: