I said it once and I’m going to repeat it: pregnant women are the real goddesses! They are the only ones that have discovered the absolute beauty’s secret! Every woman that reached me until this moment showed me various reasons to really admire future mothers. Today’s photo session shows Claudette’s charm, a young and very elegant mother-to-be. We took advantage of her last weeks of pregnancy to make a photo session for which she will be grateful for the rest of her life. I was surprised seeing the lightness she showed during the session. The clothes she wore gave her a noble appereance and her behavior accentuated this image even more. By looking at her, I thought she had no idea about her charming beauty. I think it’s in this that consists the magic of pregnancy: we have no idea about the gift we got.

Regarding the session, we started with the specific photos, those who show the best of a pregnant woman’s perfect body. Claudette felt really good and I loved her natural and confortable attitude. First, she wore a long pink dress. This really magnificent colour emphasized her candor and I could see in her eyes the soul of a little girl who grew up too fast. During the entire session, her eyes spread this unaltered innocence. All this image changed with the second dress, the green one. This time, I saw Claudette the woman, Claudette the mother-to-be, together with her proud husband. But even if all the clothes she wore were very beautiful, the last dress was the masterpiece. The dress’ shape was marked with ruffles, which gave her the air of a ballerina. For the last pictures I also added a little accessory which increased my star’s confort. I think diversity is an very important element for a photo session because the purpose is to create different photos in different angles. So, the outfits play a very important role, but not a important as the attitude and the joy of ou mother-to-be. I know I say all sessions are different when, in fact, the process is approximately the same. The big difference is made by the session’s subjects, the woman I want to emphasize, the future mother I want to convert into a star. Each woman has a different behavior and a special attitude. To me, in this regard, every session is different from the last one.

Finally, today’s photo session was a real success. All the clothes and all the colours Claudette wore showed me that happiness and natural beauty go well with everything.