After a very long and needed break, I started working again with an attitude full of enthusiasm and a lot of energy. I couldn’t wait to meet future moms to be. The first one who reached me was Marie. For Marie, I prepared a very simple décor, which emphasized her. Her charming beauty was enough; any other object would have been useless in her presence. Since the first moments of our meeting, I found her very beautiful. Her long hair and big eyes gave her the air of a duchess. Moreover, her attitude throughout the photo sessions will confirm this first impression. She was very comfortable with the camera, she didn’t have emotions, or, even if she had, her behavior showed me the exact opposite.

Marie tried various outfits, and each one of them showed her rare beauty, increased by an honest smile. We started with a black body, which gave her a seductive and an imposing elegant attitude. Marie felt very good in this position and all my attention was focused on her. To highlight her charming eyes, the second body had a very special color. The details of tulle gave her an innocent appearance and emphasized her purity. With every chosen outfit, we oscillated between sensuality and innocence, maturity and childish joy. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure: Marie was perfect for both looks.

Marie already had this royal attitude, so all that was missing was an outfit to match. Said and done: the two dresses she wore accentuated her confident attitude and showed the duality I already mentioned: the long pink dress accentuated her delicacy, characteristic to pregnant women, while the grey dress showed  a future queen waiting for his little baby. All these outfits were just backdrops, nothing could compare with her natural charm. Anyway, beauty and pregnancy are synonyms, don’t you think so? During this photo session, Marie showed me we don’t have to make efforts in order to be beautiful or even attractive. She showed me that this ideal of beauty is in ourselves, in any circumstances. She took advantage of this chance so she’ll be able to show her child what a gorgeous and confident mother he has! And that’s what I say at the end of every photo session, because all mothers are unique, but they  have the same unmatched beauty which takes my breath away every time! Marie showed me that, no matter how many photo sessions I’ll take or how many mother I’ll meet, I’ll always be impressed by their particularly special presence. And this makes me love my job even more. In the following, I will let you admire the splendor of my model: