First pregnancy is a unique experience in every woman’s life. It’s a source of pride and joy and these nine months show the most beautiful side of any woman. Georgiana knows it well; that’s why she decided to keep alive the memory of her first pregnancy with the help of a photo session fully dedicated to her. After fixing all the details, I finally met Georgiana. The session took place in a close and intimate space, the studio. I encouraged Georgiana to feel relaxed and comfortable so we can get the best photos. She has totally followed my advice. The mom to be posed naturally, by showing us the power of her charm. The outfits were diverse and each one of them gave her a different appearance, but she was really magnificent, no matter how what  she wore. The emphasize was put on her belly, so all the other things were just part of the decor. The red dress put in front of me the image of a queen accompanied by her king, waiting for their little prince. This outfit accentuated very well the features of her clear and luminous face and offered her a very imposing posture.  The long white dress gave me the impression of a real goddess. Her blue eyes seems to possess all the ocean’s beauty and depth. This outfit really gave her the appearance of an superior being. But, my favorite piece was the black body, a simple outfit, but which accentuated her beauty and her mysterious attitude. She seemed to be a real enigma. Georgiana was fully conscious of her body’s beauty and she accepted to pose semi nude, by smiling all the time. Throughout the photo session, I could see the strong connection between she and her husband. He looked at her with great pride and he waited for the couple photos. Her husband seemed to be a little nervous in front of the camera, but I encouraged him to be relaxed in order to obtain the best couple photos!    All dressed up, with very well chosen outfits, the two of them offered me a sweet demonstration of their love. I also saw the intimate side of their relationship and her husband’s impatience waiting for their little treasure. They’re forming a young and beautiful family and I’m sure their baby will get all their attention. I didn’t ask Georgiana to be very active, her body already has to grow a baby, so her husband was the one who came in certain photos. The photo session was very pleasant, the two of them were very understanding and they were willing to make a great session!

Now, I offer you a closer look in their intimacy: