Diversity is the biggest enemy of routine and boredom. In order to prevent my photo session from becoming predictable, I always try to innovate, to change a few things about the décor or the environment. For this photo session, we replaced the studio with another place, in the middle of the beautiful nature. The last days of summer offered us the chance to make a magnificent photo session and our today’s star, Anette, was very excited about this opportunity.

Allow me to tell you a few things about Anette: first of all, she impressed me with her passion for life, her strong confidence and her unmeasurable joy. Her energy was really contagious, that’s why this session was so pleasant!

In the second place, I want to ask you: have you ever seen such beauty? To me, looking at Anette was like looking at a painting; her face seemed carefully drawn by the most gifted painter. All this beauty was accompanied by a dignified attitude, also visible through all the photos that I’m about to show you.

Regarding the photo session, it all went smoothly. We prepared our little corner of heaven and we got to work. Anette listened to my advice and posed without fear. For this occasion, she chose simple dresses and colours that matched perfectly with the natural décor. Her first choice was the black dress, a simple yet elegant outfit. Located in the middle of the wheat field, carefully touching her round belly, with her blonde curls slowly falling on her shoulders, Anette seemed to be a real goddess. I wanted to highlight this incredible picture even more by adding a small wheat crown which perfectly completed this image.

The second dress Anette wore was a long white dress, very comfortable, which highlighted her belly with delicacy. In my opinion, the best photos are the ones with her husband. They are a very beautiful couple, they have something interesting, something natural. Taking photos of them was a true pleasure because I had relaxed models. I admired this couple’s special character, a young pair waiting for their little baby. The presence of her husband increased Anette’s confidence, who felt even more beautiful under his eyes. I adore this type of couple, where each one encourages the other and helps him become the best version of himself. Besides, I could see the true love between them through their gestures and behaviours.

Making maternity photo session is a real gift because I have the chance to capture pregnant women’s unmatched beauty. When I look at them, I see happiness, patience, love and, above all, I see hope. Hope for a better world.