What’s pregnancy all about?

When thinking about this question, I can’t quite find the right answer. Pregnancy means a lot of things. These 9 months represent joy, beauty, but this is also a hard period, if we are being honest. Pregnancy matters a lot in a couple’s life; there are a lot of physical and mental changes which appear, especially when it comes to the future mother.

That’s why I adore taking maternity sessions: I love seeing future mothers being covered by the natural beauty and the magic that pregnancy brings them. This time, the photos I took show Valerie’s charm. She contacted me just in time for her maternity session, because she was in about her 34th or 35th week of pregnancy.  It’s the perfect period to take this session, because the mother still feels comfortable and she can move easily.

For her maternity photos, Valeria chose some simple, but elegant outfits. I’m sure that her little daughter will have her mother’s good taste and delicate beauty! Her favorite outfit was the tight purple dress, which accentuated her round belly.  Personally, I really liked all 3 of the dresses that she wore, because all of them matched her blonde hair and pale skin perfectly. This type of attitude does not need jewelry. As far as décor goes, we chose to take the photos at my studio, to take advantage of the intimacy that this place offered us.

The beautiful Valerie was accompanied by her husband. We started the session with some individual photos of the future mother. She posed naturally, like a true model, letting the camera capture the beauty of her simplicity. Valerie has maintained a bright face, which showed the joy that this pregnancy gave her perfectly. I tried to not ask her to move a lot, because I don’t want to put her through too many struggles, so I chose some simple and basic positions. Meanwhile, her husband was admiring her with a look full of love. We can say that he was encouraging her through his thoughts: you have grown a tiny human and this is incredible! His feelings are perfectly visible in the photos of the two of them, where the future father didn’t hide his love for their little daughter by kissing Valerie’s belly. He posed proudly with his precious wife, creating a really adorable couple picture. They share a type of love that is very rare nowadays: true love, without limits or conditions. These photos are my favorite, because we can see with the naked eye the connection that this pregnancy created between the two of them. This is why this session is the perfect occasion for them to make sure they don’t forget these precious moments. Even if we try to memorize every little detail, it is impossible, so the photos help us keep the memories of those moments for a lifetime. Pregnancy is a wonderful and full of importance experience in a woman’s life, so I do my best while I take maternity sessions: the mother is the star and she deserves all my attention.

Now, I will let you enjoy my favorites photos of this session: