When you have a pleasant activity that makes you feel happy and/or content, you tend to repeat it.

An ice cream at the local bistro, a coffee in the park with your best friend, a walk in the woods on a sunny day or an outdoors photoshoot-whatever makes you feel good, it gives you the desire to repeat the experience.

You remember our loving couple who came for an amazing maternity photo session? They had a wonderful time during their outdoors and indoors photo shoot. They were excited, happy and they could not wait for their miracle to arrive!

Therefore, that day has come and finally the bundle of joy sits peacefully in her parents’ arms. Giving us the occasion to meet again in my studio for a newborn photoshoot.

It was fantastic! Little Maya was seven days old and she was adorable, posing as a real star! Because she is such a sweetheart, she was ok with the fact that she had to try different outfits. She slept almost the entire session, wrapped cozily in a soft wrap, posing like a perfect baby model in different decors.

Our theme for the photoshoot was „purple” because is her mother’s favorite colour. It actually was her mother’s wedding theme too, If I remember correctly.

We had different shades of purple, pastel tones or darker ones, and it looked like a fairytale! I do have the feeling that little miss Maya will have a lot of purple and lilac dresses in the future.

Even though the colour fits her, and she seemed pretty good resting in the decorative baby cot or on soft and fluffy blankets, in the studio, baby Maya loved the most to be held by her loving parents. Who were excited and enthusiastic, as all the parents are, when they have their first baby.

It was lovely to see them so united, two people that love each other and their little proof of love. The family looked amazing, with bright eyes and big smiles and was a pleasure for me to work with them. I invite you to see for yourselves the pictures, of baby Maya and her family, that act as a statement to our wonderful time together during their photo session.