Taking a newborn photoshoot is always a peaceful, comforting activity, with a very sweet view. But taking a photoshoot with a family with one pretty boy and a small baby? It’s a true adventure! Today’s photo session was a mix between a newborn photoshoot and a family one. I was really happy having the occasion to make this photo session. But, before telling you my personal impressions, I want to describe a little the photoshoot. First of all, I want to tell you about Luca. This little baby stole my heart! Rolled up in a bleu wrap, he slept peacefully during the entire photo session. I am used to babies’ behavior, but Luca had something special: he seemed to feel very good and he showed me that through a little smile, almost imperceptible. What he didn’t know was that I always pay attention to details, so I captured immediately that beautiful smile! We changed a bit the décor and we put him in a little basket, so he can be even more comfortable during his sleep. The older brother was impatiently waiting for his turn and he watched affectionately his little brother. During the waiting, he started playing, making very funny faces and I made sure I catch those reactions in my pictures, so he can show them to his little brother in the future and make fun of them together. In the photos with Luca, the big brother was really careful, but, in the same time, he showed the joy and the enthusiasm of having a brother. The parents watched them proudly and, in their turn, they showed me the same strong feelings. Each one of them posed, at a time, with each one of the boys. I loved watching the mother holding her little baby in her arms! She was very protective and careful, she cuddled Luca with a lot of love. The father was also very expressive. They all had matching clothes, which was another sign of their strong connection. I really loved the parents’ naturalness and the big brother’s energy. I could see, of course, that the beauty and the charm are distinguishing features of this family.

About the boys, I hope to meet them again sometime. They were very sweet! I know the big brother will discover, a little later, that the best friend and the best playmate is his brother himself. He will see the big importance of having a brother with whom he can share all the adventures, all the joys, all the worries and all life’s big events. He’s very lucky and I see, through his eyes, that he’s slowly beginning to understand all that’s happening.

I offer you a demonstration of the love that exists in this beautiful family: