Smash the cake photography

Smash the cake photoshoot in Brussels

A fun photography session is the one that includes a baby, balloons and cake! Yes, it is the anniversary photoshoot „Smash the cake”!



Teodora rocked her Smash the Cake session in style.  

Smash the Cake Package

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Smash the Cake

10 images with the
1 setup with the cake
1 setup with the aftwerwards bath
Images un-edited offered in a private gallery for you to choose your favourite
online for 3 months
Edited digital images
offered via a private link

For baby’s „smash the cake” photoshoots, I have a lot of accessories and outfits in my studio. At this type of anniversary photoshoots, parents and elder brothers or sisters are welcomed. By the end of the photoshoot, you will have a good time, you will have cake and you will have some precious anniversary photography’s for your photo album.

The baby will enjoy spending time getting dirty and sticky with yummy cake, while I shoot some happy family photos.

The „Smash the cake” photoshoot also includes the baby bubble bath, at the end of the photo session, after we had so much fun smashing all that cake!

Smash the cake for adults.

It is your birthday and you want to do something to remember? How about an unusual photo session? Something crazy and delicious as a smash the cake photo shoot!

You can have your photoshoot indoors or outdoors and you can bring cake and candles. Then the fun begins, because this photo session is all about laughter, having fun and making memories.

You can came alone or with some friends, and you can chose the accessories for the photo shoot. It is your birthday so you can have your photo session, as you want it.

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