Photos prove that time can be stopped for a second, that we really can keep a moment forever. As an ideal way to create memories, we have to take care of their condition. As I already told you, I get completely involved in my work. That’s why I think it’s my mission to help my clients keep their memories as good as possible.  They also have to show interest to provide their photo’s quality preservation. But it’s hard to take care of pictures, especially when the majority of people ask for their photos in digital format. To highlight the photo’s importance (in physical form), I began to offer my clients high quality products, so they can own the best photos for their whole lives, without being afraid of the risk of losing them.

In this digital era, I’m afraid that people will forget how it feels to just sit down and flip through a photo album, to touch, literally, a moment gone. That is why, among the new goods I have prepared for my clients, the best is, in my opinion, the piece of resistance: the leather photo album. A product meant for big families ( and not only) who want to keep all their memories together. This kind of photo album represents a smart and practical investment, which guarantees the durability of your most beloved photos. The material is high quality, which will ensure your photo’s ideal preservation. It’s not enough that the photos are well done; their condition also depends on the manner that each customer keeps them. The photo album comes in a box engraved with each person’s name and an individual message, which offers the photos even more authenticity, regardless of the passing years.

Another novelty at which I worked is the wooden photo block. It’s an object which gives an a touch of classiness to your house. This kind of frame, depicting the lady of the house with her little treasure, will attract all the looks.  Besides, the high quality wood will ensure ‘ a long life’ for the printed photo. This frame can also serve as a decoration for your beautiful house.

For the real fans of technology, I introduced the personalized USB. There is no accounting for taste, so everyone is free to choose their own manner to keep the photos. I prepared options for all my clients’ wishes.  I know everyone will choose the best option so the photos that they possess help them relive every day the moments illustrated.

All that I want is that people cherish their memories. In this irreversible getaway of time, all that remains are our memories. Photos are the most important gift that the parents can give their child when he is grown up. Those pictures represent scenes which should be seen by all the future generations. I’m very happy that I could participate to this process; that’s why I encourage all families to keep all their photos, especially those with the kids. Time goes by very fast, that’s why it feels good to always have at hand a portal to the past. All those products I mentioned above are available on my site.

Only the best for my customers!