Reunions are very sweet, especially when I get the chance to see the evolution of such a beautiful family. Until today, I thought I have seen all types of babies: the most beautiful,
the calmest, the sleepiest. But today, I think I saw the most beautiful girl. The reunion with Cloe made me very happy, because the last time I saw her was a year ago; at that time, she was only a few days old and she was a small bundle in her parents’ arms. This time, I had in front of me a living doll who looked at me curiously with her big blue eyes. Carmen and her husband were unchanged and I could see in their eyes the same sparkle of emotion they had in the first days while they were looking at their daughter. They decided for a Full Smash the Cake session and allowed me to use my style with no restrictions. I was very pleased by the result and so where they. I prepared the decor with natural flowers in delicate colors, I order the cake and we got to work. They already knew me, so they where familiar with the studio and my style. It’s true, I was very happy to have the occasion to create a photo session in my own style for these really lovely people. It was like a gift, like a way of thanking them for giving me, one more time, their confidence and to have considered me the best person to create new memories.

All those reasons were the source of my contagious enthusiasm. Cloe was also very enchanted of the cake that I bought for her, so she wanted to be the first one to taste it. The beauty of natural roses that surrounded her emphasized her delicacy and her innocence, envelopping her in the sweetest perfume. Sometimes shy, sometimes very smiley, Cloe was an adorable presence in the studio. She enjoyed all that I have prepared for her. Little Pink Riding Hood gave me the most beautiful smiles for my photos. We increased the fun even more with a little bath that Cloe really liked. But, without any doubt, the most beautiful moments were those with family’s photos. I felt a real déjà-vu when I saw Carmen and her husband holding the little fairy in their arms. I could
see in the father’s eyes the same pride that I saw the first time and he really has some reasons: the two beautiful girls he has next to him are the biggest treasure!

During the photo session, we had a really special guest: the little stuffed rabbit joined Cloe. She took care of her little friend and she integrated it in the family photos. This entire picture touched me and I was really grateful to meet such wonderful people, with whom I could be able to share these memories. I offered them the comfort they deserved and they gave me, for the second time, one more reason to love my job.

Happy birthday, little princess! Now I want to show you my gift for Cloe: