Today I want to share with you one of my favourite newborn photo sessions.

I feel like I’m getting even luckier because I have the chance to witness the beginning of a new life. This makes me realize that my biggest passion is also an incredible blessing.

With every newborn photo session, I get to see love in its purest form. The first child’s birth is always such a big event that we want to share with everybody, especially with our family and our loved ones. To create an everlasting memory of those moments, Carmen and her husband contacted me for a photoshoot in which the star is her little daughter, who is only 8 days old. I was honored hearing their request, so I really wanted to give them something they will cherish for the rest of their lives. Our memory might get cloudy with time, but those beautiful pictures of your little treasure will remain clear forever.

For this little greatness’ photos, I chose a decor symbolising autumn, her birth season. I used some dark colours to illustrate as well as possible a natural setting. So, the little princess changed three outfits in neutral colors: soft green, pale pink and dark gray. Even if there was a bit of agitation around her, the princess slept deeply, like only a newborn can. Her tranquility encouraged me, telling me I was doing a good job.

I emphasized her sweetness by putting a toy that will always remind her of her first photos next to her. I also added some flower garlands to highlight her delicate features.

newborn shoot

After finishing the baby’s photos, I took the photos with the parents. Carmen waited impatiently this part of the session. She was very happy and enthusiastic, like any other mother. For these two beauties’ photos, I chose to take a close shot while Carmen was protecting her little treasure by caressing her. Her bright face showed proofs of love for the tiny human that she held in her arms. I could see with the naked eye the natural beauty that the daughter inherits from her mother! Even if I loved those photos a lot, my favourite is the one of the little girl and her father. His smile showed the strong feelings of a father who can finally hold his little child in his arms. This photo is an undeniable proof that she will always be daddy’s girl! The little girl will find for sure a big support in her father, who’s ready to protect her in any minute. Their strong connection is also visible in the photo of the whole family, where we can see the father who holds his daughter in his arms carefully and proudly, while Carmen shows her most beautiful smile, that fully spreads joy. I’m really happy that I could freeze this moment, by offering them such a precious present. We all know: taking care of a newborn can be very hard. But, for some moments, the beautiful couple chose to forget this and to take advantage of this occasion. This photo session was, first, a celebration of their newborn, but also an up-front reward for the parents.

This family impressed me a lot with their sweet behaviour, so i offer you a closer look to their intimacy: