Do you know what’s better than a baby? Two babies!! And this can be confirmed by Olivia, this happy and lucky mother of two sweet twins! This is my first photo session with twins and I want to tell you that it’s really hard to resist so much tenderness! These two brothers enchanted me throughout all the session! Even if they are still very small, I could see how their bond was forming. Taking pictures of twins is a new and very special activity for me, because I have the chance to capture this beautiful connection that they will share all their lives. After a few  moments while I was watching them affectionately, I grabbed my camera and I started creating memories. The boys were really calm, they slept during most of the session, letting me do my magic.

I took some individual photos, so each one of them could have his own pictures. But, in my opinion, the best photos were those with the two of them, because we can easily see all the love between the two brothers. We covered the two babies in similar wraps, I prepared a little basket, very comfortable, so Victor and Alexandre feel really good during the session and I took advantage of their sweet sleep to take some photos in that position. Olivia and her husband watched their babies with a lot of love, visibl through their large smiles. After the first round of photos, we changed the boys’ outfits and, even this time, we chose colors that matched. At some point, Alexandre woke up and I saw his little blue eyes looking all around him. He was looking for his brother.  A few minutes later, Victor opened his eyes too, he took one look at his brother and then he fell asleep. Unconsciously, they were looking for each other in order to feel safe. They are so precious!

The parents were really impatient to take photos with their children, so the photo session’s second part was about family pictures. Having two kids means feeling twice the love. I clearly saw that in those proud parents’ sweet looks! They held carefully in their arms the two treasures while offering me a very tender view. I had in front of me a very special family and I was really happy I had the occasion to meet such wonderful people!

And about Victor and Alexandre, they will see later the advantages of being twins. They will see that having  a twin means sharing a familly, an anniversary,  having  a best friend ever since birth. They will see that a twin is not just a brother, but is the person we can trust like we trust ourselves.

Having two kids means feeling twice the love, twice the joy, twice the gift of live.