I think the biggest and clearest proof that you’re doing a good job are the clients that come back to benefit once again from the services you’re offering. The reunions are really sweet, because you have the chance to see some dear people with whom you share some precious memories again. The fact that there are people that come back for another collaboration ( in this case a newborn photo session ) assure me that I’m doing a good job and it is, at the same time, an undeniable proof of my services’ quality.
Victoria and her husband made me such a pleasant surprise when they announced me that they want a photo session with their newborn, after they participated, in the past, to a maternity one. I was so happy that I couldn’t wait to see them again and to finally meet their baby.
The session rolled out really casually. Victoria was already a professional. She knew how much I appreciate ease, so she took her baby in her arms and offered me the most natural positions for my photos.

The session took place near Christmas, so I created a special decor: I combined some pine branches, some little animal figures and small lights to create a dreamlike decor which refers to this wonderful celebration’s magic. I took some photos and then I changed the decor a little bit by putting the baby in a little basket and by adding a soft headband, decorated with flowers, which increased this little fairy’s beauty. I also prepared a little bed, that she took advantage of to continue her sleep. With such a beautiful stare, the photos were excellent!
There were some seconds when the manifestation of love I was seeing between the mother and her baby took my breath away, those are the moments only photos can show. Victoria cared for her little daughter and offered her so much love that it all took place naturally. Of course, she had the advantage of a past maternity session, which gave her a little experience, but each session is different and Victoria offered me an obvious proof of the change she felt. This time, she held the little treasure that she loved in her arms and took care of for nine months. Victoria’s husband showed the same affection as well. I saw his emotions through his shy, but full of love look. They protected her on all grounds by offering their unconditional support even now. The two held in their arms the fruit of their strong love and I felt really honoured to be able to assist to this sweet manifestation. For me, photography doesn’t only mean watching. Photography means feeling. I feel everything I look at and I want people that look at my photos to see the same thing.

Just like other people I’ve worked with, Victoria and her husband understood that photography is the only way you can freeze a moment to discover life’s wealth. I took photos in order to better understand what life means. I am not that good at writing and telling, so I’ll show you, through the next photos, a story that I fail to put into words.